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The Art of Smile welcomes you to their Florham Park dental office, owned and operated by Dr. Zev Segal. Our dentist and team provide full-service dentistry that helps you achieve and maintain a smile that is strong and beautiful. We welcome you to call our office or submit an appointment request online for personalized dental services.

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Complete Dental Care: from Children’s Check-Ups to Dentures

Photo of The Art of Smile Dental staff, Florham Park NJOur dentist and staff welcome patients of all ages and with a variety of health concerns. If you need a gentle dentist to evaluate your child’s smile or you’re looking for complex care to replace teeth and restore gum health, The Art of Smile can help. We are a one-stop dental office in Florham Park that offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry including:

When you visit our office for treatment, you can expect all parts of your care to be completed under our roof; we avoid referrals to outside practices whenever possible. In treating diverse patients, we understand how important it is for treatment to fit budget expectations while supporting better health. Routine examinations are provided at no-cost and no out-of-pocket expense.  Our hygienists and staff have been with us for many years and provide an excellent, hands-on approach to cleaning and protecting your smile at biannual visits.

Friendly and Modern Dental Services in Florham Park

Our team places particular emphasis on cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry. With permanent teeth replacement through implants and smile enhancement with beautiful prosthetics, we help patients achieve smiles they can be proud of. Our office is both high-tech and personal. We offer the best of effective dental care with a gentle touch and one-on-one attention to meet your goals.

Our patients frequently comment on our welcoming atmosphere and accommodating treatment. Dr. Segal and his wife both work in-office, making The Art of Smile a truly family-friendly place for patients of all ages.

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If it’s time for your next dental appointment or if you’re interested in a second opinion and treatment consultation, call or e-mail The Art of Smile. You’ll love our Florham Park dentist and complete approach to dental care. We look forward to serving your needs and those of your entire family!

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Let our dedicated dental professionals help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of!


Dr. Segal has been our family dentist for years and we were always very happy with his treatment techniques and objectives. The entire staff, just like Dr. Segal, are always caring, and attentive to your needs and concerns. Recently I decided to turn my smile into, not only a healthy one, but also a beautiful one. Dr. Segal recommended veneers and since I went along with the plan - I cannot stop smiling!!!

To be honest, I was hesitant at first because it really is an expensive procedure and I wanted to make sure that I was going to have good results with the money I was spending. From the beginning Dr. Segal explained the process to me which put me at ease. We looked over some before and after pictures of many of his happy, good looking (after) patients and then we looked at pictures of different smiles that he could do. Dr. Segal promised me, "trust me, when you get your porcelain veneers, you are going to love them." The process involved two appointments and he was right, I love them! They are perfect! I cannot say enough praise for both Dr. Segal and his team. They are all amazing and the money I spent was worth every penny for the fantastic results I received.

Dr. Segal also did Express Invisalign treatment and veneers for my husband both with outstanding results. My husband couldn't be more thrilled. I also referred many of my friends and family members over the years and they all swear by Dr. Segal's outstanding care, treatment and customer service. If you haven't yet decided what to do with your smile - call Dr. Segal and you will never look back!!!

Marina G. K.

My family and I have been Dr. Segal's clients for more than 13 years. The quality of his service is outstanding. He always does what is in the best interest of his patients. His office and dental equipment are first class. His staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Segal's 'The Art of Smile' for all kinds of dental work.

Arnaldo M.

So grateful to my friends who introduced me to Dr. Zev Segal office! Knowledgeable, caring, always welcoming staff in combination with golden hands of the "centerpiece" generate steadily positive impression. I would certainly make recommendations to people to put their "smiles" into those warm and caring hands!

Vladimir D.

My wife and I have been Dr Segal's patients for over 19 years with a break when we moved out of Union/Springfield area and tried to find locally a dentist equal to Dr Segal. We tried a few good, solid dentists, but I guess, we had been spoiled by our experience with Dr Segal. Luckily, one day we found out that he opened an office in Livingston, not too far from our home, and we came back to his care.

This is my brief summary of the reasons we do prefer Dr Segal to other dentists:

1. Dr Segal delivers equally excellent quality work on procedures for which people sometimes have to go to different specialists, including dental surgery. Whatever he does, the patient feels no discomfort, not to mention pain. According to our experience, whether he was just doing fillings, or crowns, or any other work, the result was of a noticeably better quality than the other dentists we tried.
2. He is abreast with the innovation and uses all the new techniques and materials as soon as they are available, to the advantage of his patients.
3. He listens to his patients, trying to understand their concerns, explains the possible problems and options for solving them... and he has great sense of humor.
4. In a case of an emergency, the service would be ASAP, but such need rarely arises because of the level of his care and the quality of his work.

Here I am going to describe a few cases from our experience with his service.

I myself have not had many problems with my teeth, probably because of the good care provided Dr. Segal. Still, over the years I did have some fillings, a root canal, a tooth extraction, a couple of crowns. I have to confess that the tooth extraction and the root canal happened because I did not heed the Dr.'s warning and did not go for the fillings when it was possible to avoid the problem, the fault was mine. When I did need to have a root canal done, he did not send me to another specialist, he simply did it himself immediately. Do I need to mention that I felt no discomfort? This saved me a lot of time, pain and grief.

When I had to have a crown, he explained me that he was made from a very new material, which was already stronger than the tooth itself. Not many months later he recommended me to have a crown for another tooth, and this time he used even newer, stronger material. Once, I broke a crown because of chewing on a bone. I called the office, and they gave fit me in the very next day. Dr. Segal prepared the tooth for the new crown, placed a temporary crown, and gave me an appointment for me for the day when the new crown would be back from the lab. That day I had to spend just around 10 minutes in his office while he was replacing the temp with the new crown. He also checked in his database that my crown was still on warranty, so he did not charge me a thing.

Also, I had veneers placed on a few teeth in my mouth. I am not sure "veneer" it is the correct term in this case, because it was much thinner than the "standard" veneer and required almost no removing of the underlying tooth material. When the doctor recommended me to cover the weakened teeth with veneer, I mentioned to him that I just had read on the internet about some innovative dentist who developed a special super-thin veneer cover. Dr Segal answered that it was a very new technology, but he would be able to do it for me and for my wife ... and he did!

Another distinction of "The Art of Smile" from other dental offices is the way they clean the teeth. I do this procedure a couple of times a year. Whenever I tried it in other places, I always felt huge level of discomfort, some pain on sensitive areas, and I hated it. The only place where I don't feel ANY discomfort during this lengthy procedure is at "The Art of Smile". I don't know how they select the hygienists they invite to work, but I tried three of them, the last one was today, and amazingly, it was completely painless, I would say, comfortable. No pain during the whole hour of

Val G.

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