Relieving Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Is a Thing of the Past at The Art of Smile

Inarguably, dental care is vital for protecting your overall health and well-being. A strong and healthy set of teeth is essential for a proper diet, clear speech, and a youthful appearance. Tooth decay and gum disease can contribute to a variety of systemic health problems, like malnourishment, diabetes, and heart disease.

Even with all these potential health hazards, avoiding dental visits is still very common among adults. This is because so many people suffer from some form of dental anxiety, which makes them uncomfortable, or even fearful, about going to see their dentist. While sometimes this fear is irrational, it is often based on unpleasant past experiences that are hard to forget.

Some anxiety is understandable, but it is unhealthy if it keeps you from receiving the quality dental care you need. Dr. Segal and the caring staff at The Art of Smile want help relieve your anxiety and move beyond the stigma of past events. We are dedicated to showing you and the families of Florham Park, NJ that dental care can be provided with comfort, care, and compassion.

Comfortable Environment

When you come to our dental office in Florham Park, NJ, your comfort is our main concern. The friendly and welcoming staff here at The Art of Smile will make sure you are relaxed and at ease while visiting us. We will offer you food and drinks to see that you are not hungry or thirsty. We will offer you a pillow and blanket to make sure you are comfortable, while we keep the mood upbeat with good music and live flowers.

Our dedication to comfort extends beyond the waiting room. We have private operatories, as well. It is important to us that you receive more than oral health care at our office. You should feel the compassion and caring from Dr. Segal and his crew.

Sedation Options

Here at The Art of Smile, we understand that receiving dental treatment can be intimidating, and nervousness is a natural reaction. That is why we offer dental sedation. The calmer you are during your procedure, the easier it will be for you. Some of the effects of dental care, like headaches and fatigue, are not caused by the procedure itself, but by tension from anxiety. To counter your tension and anxiety, we offer sedation options to keep you calm and help you to lie still for the amount of time it takes to receive your treatment.

Inhaled sedation uses nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, to calm your nerves. This very light form of sedation is ideal for those with a low level of dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide is delivered via a small nose mask, and it is mixed with oxygen. This lets us adjust your level of sedation as needed. With inhaled sedation you will be completely conscious and mostly aware during your procedure. And since the effects wear off almost immediately, you will be able to drive yourself home.

If your level of dental anxiety is moderate to high, you will likely benefit from oral sedation. This is a prescription sedative pill that you will take a couple of hours before your scheduled procedure. Oral sedation puts you into a deep state of relaxation, but you will remain conscious and at least somewhat aware. The effects of oral sedation dentistry will almost certainly linger, so make sure to arrange for a ride home.

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