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Protecting your oral health and that of your family’s is our priority here at The Art of Smile. Dr. Zev Segal and his skilled and caring staff are dedicated to serving families in local communities around Florham Park, West Orange, Livingston, Madison, East Hanover, Whippany, and Short Hills, NJ.

Whether it’s a matter of health, function, or aesthetics, you do not have to settle for a smile you are not happy with. We can restore the health, functionality, and appearance of your teeth and gums by providing dental techniques and technologies that are on the cutting-edge of oral care to make sure you and your family are healthy and have smiles you'll love.


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Dental Cleanings and Dental Exams

The foundation of good oral health care routine is regular checkups from the caring staff at The Art of Smile in Florham Park, NJ. Professional cleanings not only keep your teeth looking great, but they also remove the plaque and tartar that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. With our thorough examination, we can detect potential threats long before they become a serious problem.


Dry Mouth

Your saliva is one of your most valuable allies against oral health maladies. It keeps your mouth clean and contains antibodies that fight off the bacteria that cause tooth decay. That means if you are not producing enough saliva, your mouth is at a much greater risk for oral health problems.

The first thing we do to treat dry mouth is look for the cause. Often, dry mouth is simply the result of dehydration and can be remedied by drinking more water, but sometimes it can be a side effect of medication you are taking. In this case, we can prescribe tablets to counteract this effect.

Bad Breath Treatment

Persistent bad breath, also known as halitosis, affects millions of people in this country. More often than not, bad breath is the result of decomposing food particles in your mouth. In this case, a thorough cleaning and instructions on more effective home oral hygiene habits will solve the problem.

If poor oral hygiene is not the cause of your halitosis, we may need to perform a saliva test to discover the source of your bad breath. Once we know what is causing it, we can prescribe whatever treatment or course of action is appropriate. Whatever the case, the caring professionals at The Art of Smile will help make sure bad breath is not a problem for you any longer.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is one of the most common and potentially dangerous oral health ailments you can experience. Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, is a direct contributor to tooth decay, tooth loss, infection, and other oral health problems--it has even been linked to various health issues, like heart disease.

The early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can be very hard to detect, which is why regular examinations at The Art of Smile dental office are so important. If we catch it in time, gum disease can be treated non-surgically with deep cleaning and an antibiotic mouthwash from Dr. Segal. But if gum disease goes untreated for too long, gum surgery may be necessary to treat the disease and restore healthy gum tissue.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

When we catch tooth decay while it is still in its early stages and hasn’t made it past your enamel, it can be repaired with a simple filling. But the last thing you want is for your restoration to distract from the natural beauty of your smile--that is why we use tooth-colored fillings here at The Art of Smile.

If silver fillings from previous dental treatments are ruining your smile, we can safely remove the old silver fillings and replace them with our tooth-colored ones, restoring the natural beauty of your teeth.

Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges

When the crown of your tooth is so badly damaged by injury or decay that it cannot be repaired, yet the root is still healthy enough to be functional, then a porcelain crown can restore the functionality to that tooth. Crowns can also be used to replace a missing tooth in the form of a fixed bridge. When there are healthy teeth on both sides of a gap, crowns can be placed over these teeth to support a replacement crown in the middle. This helps bridge the gap left behind by the missing tooth. If there are not two healthy teeth to act as anchors for the bridge, dental implants can be used to support the fixed bridge.


If your teeth are healthy but appear chipped or discolored, dental veneers can restore the aesthetic quality of your smile. These porcelain shells are shaped like teeth, and they attach to the front side of your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

One of the biggest threats to your oral health, as well as general health, is missing teeth. Not only do they leave unsightly gaps in your smile, but they also make chewing healthy foods harder. This is why tooth replacement is an essential component of restorative dentistry.

When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants give you the security and stability you need to stay healthy. Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, implants restore the root of your tooth, acting as anchors for a crown, a bridge, or even a full set of dentures.

Root Canal Therapy

If tooth decay has progressed through the enamel, causing an infection, a root canal may be the only way to save your tooth. Often, this level of decay will be accompanied by a toothache, but that is not always the case. So be aware of other symptoms of severe tooth decay, like sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, discoloration, or swelling and tenderness in the gums.

The root canal process involves making an opening in the top of the tooth in order to clear out all the decayed material inside. The inside of your tooth will then be filled with a bacteria-resistant resin before a crown is placed on the top of the tooth. This process is fairly simple, and with modern dental technology and sedation options, it can be pain-free.

Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

If a tooth decay is beyond repair, the safest option may be an extraction. Removing the tooth will stop the bacteria that causes decay from spreading and allow your mouth to heal. At The Art of Smile, we take care to provide tooth extractions in a comfortable environment, performed by oral surgeons who can make the process virtually pain free.

After you have healed from your extraction, we can discuss what form of tooth replacement is best for your situation. Since missing teeth can compromise your chewing power, as well as your speech and appearance, it is important that you replace your tooth as soon as possible to avoid further oral health issues.

The same goes for wisdom teeth removal. To avoid overcrowding and the increased risk of tooth decay, it is often necessary to remove your wisdom teeth. In most cases we do not have to send you to a specialist for this procedure. You can have your wisdom teeth removed right here at our office in Florham Park, NJ by Dr. Segal, so you can be certain you will receive expert care in a relaxing setting from a doctor you know and trust. 

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