Family Dentistry


When caring for your family’s oral health, the last thing you want is to have to travel all around the city to get the care you need for your loved ones. At The Art of Smile we provide all the family dentistry care you need under one roof, and are also happy to serve the surrounding Livingston, Madison, and Morristown, NJ communities. Family and pediatric dentist, Dr. Segal, and his staff are passionate about creating a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere in our office. We want you and your family to feel at home when you visit us, so that receiving dental care is a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Each member of your family is likely to need different care and different treatment, that’s why The Art of Smile offers a wide array of dental treatments for the whole family--whatever your family may need, we can provide it. Dr. Segal knows the importance of oral health, and has spent years developing the skills that will keep you and your family smiling and feeling great for years to come.



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Children’s Dentistry at The Art of Smile

No one is more prone to cavities than small children. Without proper daily dental care and regular cleanings, your children’s teeth can fall victim to painful cavities, infection, and tooth decay. Preventative oral care, such as regular cleanings and examinations provided at The Art of Smile, can prepare your children to face the world with a lifelong healthy smile.

Regular cleanings and examinations are the most effective form of preventive care. The expert family dentist and staff at The Art of Smile will keep your kids’ teeth and gums free from plaque, and keep an eye out for signs of decay so it can be treated before it causes bigger problems.



Family Dentist for Teenagers at The Art of Smile

As your kids get older, they may get better at taking care of their teeth, but will encounter a new set of oral health issues. The most common dental problem associated with adolescence is crooked teeth. The pre-teen and teenage years are when children often get braces--whereas many dental offices will send you to a specialist, the Art of Smile offers a full range of orthodontic treatment in-house. Just schedule a consultation with our family dentist to get started!

Family Dentist for Adults at The Art of Smile

As an adult, solid oral hygiene practices may not repair problems started in youth, or from aging itself. However, restorative dentistry from our family dentist, Dr. Segal, can rejuvenate your smile. Missing and unhealthy teeth will add years to your face, but the right restorations will take them back off. Tooth-colored fillings, inlays and onlays, porcelain crowns, and even dentures and dental implants can reverse the effects of poor oral health.

Teeth can become dim and yellow over the years, even if you avoid coffee and cigarettes. Even if your teeth are functionally healthy, odds are you can use cosmetic dentistry to put the shine back on your smile. The Art of Smile dental office can bring the luster back to a lackluster smile with a teeth-whitening treatment. For your convenience, we offer both in-office and take-home treatments to brighten your smile by several shades.

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