Emergency Dental Care

Don’t Wait! Call Right Away for Emergency Dental Treatment in Florham Park, NJ

Dental Injuries

As hard as you try to avoid them, accidents happen. And when these accidents cause an injury to your teeth or gums, you need to receive emergency dental care from our Florham Park, NJ emergency dentist right away. Our emergency dentist is always happy to serve patients in Florham Park and nearby communities, such as Chatham and Morristown, NJ so you can receive emergency dental care as soon as possible.

The longer you wait to have your injury treated, the more likely you will experience permanent damage. Even a knocked-out tooth can be restored to its natural health if you get to The Art of Smile dental office soon enough.

Broken, fractured, and chipped teeth can all result from a blow to your mouth. Sometimes, especially in the case of a fractured tooth, you may not realize you are injured. For this reason, it is a good idea to seek dental care after an accident, even if you aren’t feeling pain or obviously injured. A fractured tooth is relatively easy to treat when caught in time, but if it goes untreated, tooth decay and infection could result at a later time.

Sudden Toothaches

A dental injury as a result of an accident is not the only oral health emergency you may encounter. If you ever find yourself stricken with a sudden and severe toothache, you need to seek dental care from our emergency dentist at The Art of Smile in Florham Park, NJ right away.

A toothache can be the result of a lot of things: a cavity, a fractured tooth, a loose filling. One thing’s for sure, though: a toothache means your tooth is in distress. If you have ever experienced a toothache, you know it can be overwhelmingly painful. It is hard to concentrate and nearly impossible to eat when you are suffering from a toothache, and since it could be a symptom of a larger oral health concern, you need to have your toothache treated by a professional emergency dentist at The Art of Smile without delay.

Sometimes a toothache may go away as suddenly as it arrived. Don’t take this to mean your problems are gone. Pain going away could be an indication of nerve damage, which makes it all the more important to seek emergency treatment.

Dental Emergency Kit

Being prepared is the most important thing you can do to minimize the damages from dental injuries. You never know when an emergency will occur, so keeping a dental emergency kit handy at all times will allow you to handle the situation as you make your way to our office in Florham Park, NJ.

First aid items, like sterile gauze, tweezers, and pain relievers, could be the difference between saving a tooth and losing one. Be sure to keep your dental emergency kits in places where they are most likely to be useful, like your car and under the kitchen sink. Keep a card with our phone number, 973.845.9955, inside the kit, so you don’t have to go looking for it when time matters most.

Same-Day Emergency Dentist Appointments

Whenever you find yourself in the midst of a dental emergency, call our office at 973.845.9955 and head on in. We will see you that day to assess your emergency and provide you with the care you need.

We have convenient evening hours and will even see emergency patients on the weekend. So do not hesitate in an emergency. If you live in or near Florham Park, Chatham, or Morristown, NJ, call our office right away!

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