Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants in Florham Park, NJ

Traditional dental implants replace missing teeth from root to crown, allowing patients to rejuvenate the appearance of their smile and preserve underlying dental structures. The stimulation of the jaw is necessary for the bone to maintain its density; otherwise, it would begin to undergo the resorption process. Implant-supported restorations renew dental function and allow patients to achieve optimal oral health.

Mini implants provide other benefits because they typically do not require additional procedures such as bone grafting. This means patients who did not meet the requirements for conventional implants have the possibility of being viable candidates for the miniature option.

The placement procedure is comparatively less invasive due to the smaller size of the posts, reducing recovery time. Like the traditional option, mini-dental implants are adaptable to a variety of restorations. Implant treatment is able to meet the needs of patients no matter if they are missing one tooth or an entire arch.


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