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Dental Savings Plan

What Is a Dental Savings Plan and How Does It Work?
The idea behind our plan is for you to pay one low fee and receive all of your annual and semi-annual preventive care at no charge. In addition, you receive discounted prices on the procedures and services you may require, like tooth fillings, dental crowns, or cosmetic whitening.

Click here to download our dental savings plan brochure!

Unlike dental insurance, which can be very expensive and difficult to track, our savings plan is clear-cut. Plus, you’ll never have to look up a list of providers or hope that a claim goes through. You’ll find all of your answers right here in our office.

Find the Plan That Suits Your Family
We are proud to offer a variety of Dental Savings Plans so that you can build a plan that works for you and your family. We offer plans for individuals starting at $149. Add your spouse, and your total is $580. Do you have kids? No problem! We even offer a family plan starting at $855 that will cover your unmarried children until they turn 20 years old!

With this fee comes your family’s entire set of annual and semi-annual preventive care. It includes annual X-rays, semi-annual dental cleanings and dental exams, and fluoride treatments at each cleaning for children under the age of 18. The cost for these treatments alone for one adult is over $400, so you can imagine the savings for your entire family to participate in this plan!

How do I Get Started?
Click here to download our dental savings plan brochure!

If you are ready to sign up or simply want to know more, please contact our office by calling 973.845.9955, or fill out an inquiry on our Contact Us page. We can’t wait to help you save money on your family’s dental care, so call today!